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More Than 30 Yearsof Experience

Logistics The Right Way

Air, Sea, & Ground Freight Transportation

"Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time for the Right Perspective"


We’re focused on you, so you can focus on your business.
Collaborating with Vision Logistics means having a flexible, creative, dependable partner who helps you become a better international business. We delve into what makes your company unique, help you analyze and plan your logistics strategy, then customize solutions best suited for your success.
Working with The Vision Logistics Group, you’ll be immersed in:

  • Right perspectives, that works for your specific needs

  • Right approaches, with creative methods that fuel solutions

  • Right insights, to uncover better meaningful solutions

  • Right conversations, putting your logistics plan on solid ground to make informed decisions


The confidence that develops when The Vision Logistics Group is engaged, is our client's knowledge that they will get; the Right information, to the Right people, at the Right time, for the Right Perspective, “An R-4 (Right-Squared) Relationship” resulting in a valued partnership for growth.


The Vision Logistics Group has been engaged in helping our clients build a better business process, by establishing dialogue focused on developing a deeper understanding of our client's supply chain obstacles and flushing out greater options & opportunities in the area of logistics planning


Here at The Vision Logistics Group, we make this happen in a collaborative, shoulder-to-shoulder participation. We share our wealth of logistics expertise and channel creativity into the collective thinking process.  Through collaboratively working with your team, we customize solutions based on your needs.


Developing tangible improvements in logistics is in our character. We find new innovations that free you from inefficient models and give you power over your supply chain and material handling, from origin to destination.  This all adds up to more flexibility in your choices, more control over your assets, and a better experience for your customers – “A winning edge over your competition”.


The Vision Logistics Group is engaged in helping our clients build a better business process. By establishing clearly defined processes concerning supply chain realities, and flushing out the bottle-neck challenges of our clients; optimizing better opportunities in the area of logistics planning.


We are an International Logistics provider that engages in moving/facilitating products and materials to meet the market needs of our clients GLOBALLY.


Developing tangible improvements in logistics planning is in our character. We find new innovative ways to free our clients from inefficient logistics models and give them power over their supply chain and material handling from origin to destination.


Personalization, expertise and industry knowledge are the cornerstones of our organization. We pride ourselves on our collaborative efforts to learn your needs. Moreover, we strive to keep our services competitive and cost-effective while giving you the ability to asses various risk tolerances.

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